Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sauce for the Goose.........

.....is sauce for the gander.  It's an archaic axiom that speaks directly to the notion that, if one rule applies, it should logically apply to all.  That is unless you're Brian 'brownshit' Brown of NOM, then...not so much. Poor Brian, always feeling the yoke of "homo-fascism" constantly around his neck, how terrible for him.  In the following tweet, petulance is the name of the game as Brian proceeds to whine that.....are you sitting down?.........Pride parades are somehow forced or mandatory or something.  Specifically that; if you attend a pride parade, it wasn't your choice, oh no......it was the powers of THE GAY that made you attend. Riiiiiight  We also cause Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and many other disasters......which begs the question: Why is Pat Robertson or any of the other haters out there still alive. After all, if we have these powers.......we digress.  The point being, using Brian's faulty logic, does it then not follow that St. Patrick's or Santa Claus parades are equally guilty of forcing Christian/Heteronormative lifestyles on LGBT's?  

Original tweet:


Perfectly sound argument.

end of line......

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