Thursday, September 12, 2013

One of these things is NOT like the other....

Seriously speaking, when did marriage and religious freedom become synonymous?  Brian "brownshit" Brown, President of NOM, would have you believe that allowing two people of the same sex to have a CIVIL marriage somehow disrupts, nay, takes away the religious freedoms of another, or he would say, 'the precious'......what is he? Gollum?  The question is, how exactly?  Be CNN or FOX or even MSNBC, the question itself has never been asked.  Brown, along with Tony Perkins of the FRC and Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer of the AFA, has been allowed to make this egregious assertion over and over again and yet, he is never challenged as to how.  Of course, the reason for this has to do with ratings and news; or more to the point, news manufacturing.  You see, if CNN or any other media outlet challenged Brown et al directly, the story would dry up rather quickly.......simply because the answer is NONE.  Nothing about same sex marriage infringes on religious freedom or liberty.  It's a shell game being played by the far right and enabled by the media who sees the ongoing 'debate' as a moneymaker.  Sadly, the only people being hurt or deprived of any rights or liberties are those who simply want to get on with their lives.  Religion, it is said, is meant to bring people together.......nothing could be further from the truth.  The only thing Brown and those like him want is to deny basic rights and dignity to people who in no way affect their lives.  It's a petulant tantrum akin to children who don't want to share.  It reminds us of the seagulls in 'Finding Nemo', forever squawking "mine", "mine", "mine"........childish greed being played by adult sized brats.

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Silly Brian, haven't you read the 1st and 14th amendments?

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