Friday, September 27, 2013

OH DO Get off the cross.........

.....someone needs the wood and the the saying goes.  Tony "La Pute" Perkins is in full martyr/victim mode with this tweet.  In what has become a staple of Tony's whine tweets, we are again treated to the false and completely overstated screech of: Christians are being persecuted!!!  Now, to be fair, it is true that in some Islamic countries, Christians are indeed being roughed up and, in some cases, killed.  We would agree that such actions are criminal and worthy of scorn; however, a plea such as this coming from Perkins is so incredibly disingenuous it begs to be mocked and ridiculed.  Perkins, a man who openly associates with the KKK and regularly attacks and vilifies gays and lesbians to the point of celebrating violence against them, has NERVE and BALLS calling out the persecution of Christians.  He has used his religious beliefs to persecute homosexuals and non-conservatives for over 10 years and has consistently advocated harm to homosexuals on his FRC (Family Research Council) website and in interviews with such rancid luminaries as Bryan Fischer (AFA), Brian S. Brown (NOM) and Pink Swastika author Scott Lively.  It is because of his vile and ever demonizing tenor regarding other minorities that makes us look at this particular tweet as disgusting and dishonest.  Tell you what Tony......we'll start caring about Christians when they start being decent human beings.....until then, they're fair game like the rest of us.



end of line.......

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