Monday, September 9, 2013

It's ObamaCare's fault........

Of course it is, what else could it be?  Now, this tweet is a rich bit of Bovine Refuse to be sure. Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer trots out a nice bit of petulant pooh that states that, because of ObamaCare, corporations are being forced to figuratively toss retirees into a landfill......although he spells it wrong.  What is most annoying about the tweet isn't the obvious lie, it's the fact that he holds the corporations to nothing; that is to say, they aren't responsible at all, it's all ObamaCare.  Sure, sure it is.  The fact that ObamaCare affects their profit margin ever so slightly, is just a pretense.  This is really all about money and how removing retirees off the rolls allows those CEO's and shareholders to gouge more profit by shafting those who worked to make them rich.  It's cynical, it's tawdry, it's BULLSHIT.....and Fischer knows it.  Corporations should be ashamed of themselves and, if they actually had any empathy or integrity, they would just pay the minor increase to the insurance plans but NOOOOO; money must be made and nothing should stop that.  Let the retirees languish or die for the matter, they aren't making money for the CEO's so, time to toss them. Sickening would be an appropriate term to use......but don't get too sick lest you find yourself in need of insurance.  Vile, truly vile.  Fischer cares more for Profit than People.  So much for the vaunted Christian Love we keep hearing about.

Original tweet:


(Cough, cough)......Bull.....(Cough, cough)

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