Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Health care for all........rich people!

Well this one came as a surprise, truly it did, Peter "Porno Pete" Lababera actually tweeting about something other than THE GAY? Consider us shocked.....could this be one of the signs of the apocalypse?  You know Peter must be ever so bored when he decides to turn from his regular pursuit of all things queer to send a tweet regarding Health Care.  Of course, Peter is a member of the "Obama is really the anti-christ" crowd, so it's not entirely a stretch to imagine he's against Obama-care.  In this vacuous bit of preaning, Peter grouses about how Obama is 'desperate' and that it's a good thing.  After all, people like Peter, who have no real careers other than bilking people out of their hard earned money, see health care as something for the well off and the rich........let the poor fend for themselves, screw them.......you know, like Jesus told people to do. Of course, what's really going on is the shell game that's been played on low incomes families and the poor for years: pay what little tax you can so we, the con-men and CEO's, can benefit while you suffer.  It's a cynical game that is rigged to fail, unless, like Peter, you make enough to live high on the hog......and our Peter's a pretty big piggy.  The sad reality is, like most neo-con, anti-gay, anti-poor republicans, Peter wants Obama to fail simply because; if he succeeded, it would mean more people might vote Democrat in the future.  This fauxtrage has ZERO to do with policy and everything to do with politics.  Vile, that's a good word for it.

Original tweet:

AHHHH.....I see poverty......

end of line......

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