Thursday, August 29, 2013

You want problems.....we've got problems

So says the "Donald".  Donald Trump tweet a lamentation regarding the idea that 'Murika has problems of its own and therefore should fix them  first before helping anyone else. Many would agree, the TTM included, except......well, 'Murika is the cause of many of those problems that Trump wants ignored globally.  An imperial nation, having stuck its collective foot, mouth, teeth and nose into every corner of the planet cannot simply step back and expect no blowback to follow.  As many a mother has said, "you made the mess, now clean it up."  Of course, what Trump is really saying is that, because there's a black man with a funny name in the White House, 'Murika should reign him in 'cause POTUS is getting 'uppity'......and we can't have that. As usual, the cynical nature of Trump comes through, even in an innocuous tweet like this.

Original tweet:


The TTM agrees.....

end of line.....

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