Monday, August 26, 2013

Wingnut Daily Double!!!

Not one but two!! Perennial favourites, Sarah "I'm the Quitter on Twitter" Palin and Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, are up to the challenge today.

Let's start with Lyin' Bryan.  Here he is tweeting, with pride, his newest You Tube posting on the Russian's and their anti-gay (so called homosexual propaganda) law. In the video linked, Bryan goes on the praise Russia for doing something 'Murika won't, that is: fine, jail, beat, rape or murder gays (although he couches all of it in inuendo).  Poor Bryan, forever envying the good old days when killing people simply because they're different was de's almost sad.....NOT

TTM, do your thing!

Original tweet:


Charming, n'est ce pas?

Not to be outdone is the Thrilla from Wassila, the Quitter on Twitter, the Milf with the Dilf, that's right, it's Sarah "I kill wolves 'cause Jesus" Palin!  Here, Sarah does her best to announce the first day of school.....who knew she was going back?  Anyhow, knowing how she probably graduated all those other schools.....oh wait......she didn't.......silly me.  Her back must be sore by now.  M'eh, this one was just too easy, enjoy.

TTM, git-er-done!

Original tweet:


As George Takei would say, "Oh Myyy"

end of line.......

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