Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Republicans have not changed since.........yes they have

Dream day 2013.  A day to remember MLK, his speech, his truth.........but for Bryan "lyin' fissure" Fischer, it's about political theatre.....and not the good kind.  Here we have Lyin' Bryan doing his utmost to portray Dr. King as a staunch republican except, he wasn't.  Oh, to be sure, he was a registered republican and, in the early 1960's, republicans were very much the pro-civil rights party knew there was a but....the republican party of that era is most certainly not the republican party of today.  Like Sarah Palin, Fischer is attempting to co-opt MLK in the hopes of somehow bridging the party's past with it's current, virulently hateful present.  He fails of course and the TTM misses nothing......

Original tweet:

Sorry Bryan but, NO, MLK would not approve.

end of line.......

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