Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One Million Shrews say what?

The TTM was diligently scanning the twitterverse and, as fortune would have it, came upon one of the most trite bunch of harpies, One Million Moms.  Now, these gals are something special.  Their only 'raison d'etre' is to basically hound and wail at TV shows they find 'ungodly' and 'unchristian' and try to have them pulled.....think of that cranky old woman who bitches at everything because life has passed her by.

Anyway, here they are shilling for a book laughably called "Evolution vs. God" on the AFA Online bookstore.  What makes this tweet so funny is its transparency.  It's so painfully obvious that they're just piggy backing a money beg from AFA via book sales.  It's not illegal, immoral or even unethical.....but it is disingenuous, dare we say tacky.

TTM, bless us with your analysis,

Original tweet:


Sky Daddy (giggle)...(snark).....

end of line.....

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