Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Obamacare...BAD......dead uninsured people...GOOD.

So says Sarah "The Quitter on Twitter" Palin.....well, not in so many words.  Once again we are treated to a duplicitous display of deception, this time regarding the Affordable Health Care Act or, as the rethuglican right and the Teabagger crowd call it, Obamacare.   Basically, what the Act does is mandate people get health insurance at a reasonable cost, require Insurance Companies to not pre-empt coverage due to pre-existing conditions and many other positive aspects.  Further, the Act states that, should income levels be such that payment may be difficult for some, the government will offer financial/voucher assistance to make up the difference; thus making health coverage possible for more than 48 million people who don't have it now.

This, apparently, is unacceptable to the Beauty Queen of Alaska......I mean really, poor people being allowed to get health care, well that's just un-American, next they'll want a job! Palin, like most right wingers talk big about freedom and equality for all yet do everything they can to ensure that only the 'cream of the crop' get all the goodies.  It's a cynical outlook but one that seems to work, at least on low-information voters.

Basically, it comes down to the unofficial motto of the rethuglican party and those who share their worldview: 'I got mine, so fuck you'

And with that, the TTM does what it does best.....

Original Tweet:

Oh Sarah, always thinking of others......to keep down.

end of line......

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