Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's the WHITE house......

With a title like that, you know we're going somewhere dark.....and don't mean the closet.....well.....maybe. TTM friend, Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer is at it again only this time, he's doubling down on the vile hatred that spews from his ever aging, crypt keeper body.....that's an image isn't it?

Well, it appears that, not only is Bryan not a fan of a black man being President, he's positive the Cory Booker is a Trojan Horse.  That's right.  He thinks the Newark, NJ Mayor and Senatorial contender is a closet homosexual.  Yes Sir, he's not only a 'Darkie' but also a member of "The GAY."  Qu'elle Horreur! Whatever shall he do?  Well, being one of reigning Queens of Twitter Impotent Rage, he sends out a tweet that, without any proof, declares Booker to be gay.  Not only that but, it's a dastardly plot by the evil LEFT....not to be confused with actual evil.....that being the religious right.

And here's the thing.....what would it matter if Booker were gay. Why would that disqualify him if he's up to the task?  For the non-mentally challenged folk, this would not be an issue but we are talking about right wing Christians and, well, you know how they get; with their Sky Daddy myths and BDSM loving Satan. It's all so trite and ever so tired.

Be that as it may, the TTM found a way to clarify.........with apologies for the hashtag. It's harsh but truthful.

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