Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Dream let's talk Al-Qaeda

Leave it to Tammy "the whammy" Bruce to use this day to talk about something completely off topic......not that it's anything new for her; she has this thing for swarthy Arab men, she just wants to kill them all.  Bless her cold, calcified heart. You see, Tammy is ever so bothered about the impending attack on Syria and how it may offer Al-Qaeda on opportunity to get their hands on Sarin gas.  Now, by itself, that concern is not entirely unreasonable and most would agree; however, we're not talking about most people.  We're talking about a woman who is so fixated on hating anyone who isn't American, white, Christian or Jewish or straight, that she purchases advertising just to foment animosity.  She's a shit disturber who does it for kicks.  As such, when she tweets a concern troll type tweet, you know she's saying something else as well.......and the TTM doesn't let this one pass.

Original tweet:


You know you it's true girl......

end of line.....

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